Organicas FretWraps

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FretWrap comes in the following sizes:


Small - Fits 4-string basses, 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, and ukeleles

Medium - Fits 5-string basses & 6-string classical guitars

Large - Fits 6-string basses & 7- to 8-string guitars

Tighten Up Your Performance!

If you've ever put an elastic hair tie around the neck of your instrument, you're already familiar with FretWraps. This adjustable band uses a soft cloth to effectively (and professionally) kill unwanted overtones and open-string resonance. This works wonders for a variety of applications: thumb bass, two-hand tapping, percussive acoustic playing, slide guitar, and more. FretWraps slide down to your headstock when you don't need damping and back up to virtually any neck position between chord changes. Whether you're a classical guitarists who wants a more professional recorded tone or a bassist who wants freedom to explore the fretboard without the open-string mud, We recommend you handmade Organicas FretWraps.


Organicas FretWraps Stringed Instrument Damper Features:

  • Cuts down on unwanted overtones and sympathetic resonance
  • Tightens up your performance
  • Great for 2-hand tapping and slide work
  • Adjustable tension lets you fine-tune damping
  • Easy to slide on and off between sections
  • Soft material won't hurt your neck or fretboard

Sound tighter and look more professional with handmade Organicas FretWraps stringed instrument dampers!