Retro Tone Raw Power

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Type: Gears
Vendor: Retro Tone
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The RAW POWER is the replica of the famous fz1s. Fuzz created by MAESTRO in early 1970.
This version uses the original diagram as well as the components.
Only the output level has been changed to get more volume.
Its particularity is to mix the sound of the signal before effect, with that of the fuzz. This allows for a wide variety of sound. Its natural gate makes it a very silent fuzz while providing an absolutely huge sound !!
It has 3 adjustment buttons, and two different equalizations.

OUT: which controls the output volume.
FUZZ: control of the fuzz level.
MIX: control of the mixing of the effect in the incoming signal.

A 2-position switch for equalization.
9 volt power supply
True bypass

Screen printed aluminum case, and solid wood.

Handcrafted in the Pays-Basque (south west of France), from the box to the circuit.
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Retro Tone Raw Power- Gears - BassGears
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