Vaudoo Audio 4 Band Preamp

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Vendor: Vaudoo Audio
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The 4-band preamp: Volume, Treble, Bass, High Medium, Low Medium.

Designed to be used with our B.M.S, our integrated preamplifiers take advantage of the on-board power source to provide an improved sound experience.

Audiophile components, advanced midrange circuits and more precise adjustments to your sound.

Our preamps are designed to be transparent when the potentiometers are at zero.

Adjustable input gain stage, to adapt to all types of microphones, by adjusting the potentiometer integrated on the card (see integration diagram).

Adapted to bass and guitar, Vaudoo Audio preamplifiers are available in several customizable versions.


The 4-band preamplifier

In addition to the bass and treble, the 4-band preamplifier allows you to control the settings for high and low medium directly from your instrument.


Ease of installation

We have thought of everything for a quick and easy installation. Very few welds are to be expected.


Professional Sound

The Vaudoo Audio integrated preamplifier delivers the quality of an external preamp. The only thing left to do is learn to play.


Responsive team

The advantage of a structure on a human scale is that we have all the answers to your questions.


Customization of mid frequencies.

When you choose a 4-band preamp, you determine the frequencies of its high medium and low medium that suit your playing style and musical style, by moving the jumpers on the map (see the integration diagram).

- 250 Hz / 300 Hz / 400 Hz: Fullness of sound. Increase to "magnify" the sound or decrease if the sound seems a little "muddy".

- 800 Hz: Body and presence of sound. Increase or decrease depending on the situation: allows you to have a clearer bass in the middle of the other instruments.

- 2 kHz / 2.5 kHz: Clarity and brightness of the sound. Ideal for slap or mediator play.

You can select the Balance option (provide an additional hole).

You can also order the potentiometer buttons you need.



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