Vaudoo Audio - B.M.S 2 Batteries

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  • Vaudoo Audio
  • Gotoh 1X9V
  • Gotoh 2X9V
  • 1X9V Ovale
Type: Gears
Vendor: Vaudoo Audio
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This system is provided with a Vaudoo Audio USB interface which can be easily integrated into your instrument, here you can choose the one made for you. (you have some examples of achievements on our site).

We are a French Start-up that offers innovative and rechargeable products, which replace the 9V battery present inside active guitars and basses.

More than a simple rechargeable battery, our electronics, specially designed for musicians, allows you to:

  • Recharge via the micro-USB port
  • Check the remaining battery level
  • Automatic shutdown to avoid deep discharges, ensuring reliable power for years
  • To have a stable, constant and noise-free voltage for the entire duration of use (selectable from 5V, 9V, 12V, and 18V)
  • Onboard batteries with a level of safety and lifespan far superior to conventional lithium technologies

Everything is done to make installation simple, we give you all the plans you need.

We also offer a range of preamps built into bass and electric guitars that take advantage of the onboard power source to provide an improved sound experience. These preamps are (ultra) customizable, you will find on our site all the information to build yours, independently or with our help if necessary.


Charging Plate Options: 


 Vaudoo Audio: Bass Gears - Vaudoo Audio - Charging Plate
Gotoh 1X9V: Bass Gears - Gotoh 1X9V - Charging Plate
Gotoh 2X9V: Bass Gears - Gotoh 2X9V - Charging Plate
1X9V Oval Bass Gears -  1X9V OVALE - Charging Plate


You can choose your options on this PDF and send it to us at