If you are on this website, you probably like bass guitar. Great, so do we! But don’t you think that we see every bassist with the same bass over and over again?! Wouldn’t it be nice to discover more original basses with specific designs, woods, shapes, colors, finish, or some original features, ...?

If your answer is yes, stay with us, we will probably become friends.


As we said, we like basses and what we really love is beautiful handcrafted basses. Why do we love them so much? Because behind every gorgeous instrument, there is a luthier who took a lot of time to create a perfect and artistic instrument for your comfort.

At BassGears, we also think that everything is a cycle and that when a luthier craft an awesome bass, it will help bassists create awesome music too.

Each bassist is unique! So we think that each bass should be unique and in harmony with its « human ».

Diversity helps us improve and is the key for everything. That’s why we choose to promote only handcrafted luthier basses and not industrial ones. There are so many luthiers in the world working hard to create incredible basses with creative designs but it’s hard to discover their work.

Only industrial ones are promoted everywhere because they have a big marketing team and a lot of money.

And that’s unfair! Luthiers work more and harder to create better basses and nobody knows!


For those reasons, we think luthiers’ basses deserve to be more famous, more cherished, more affordable and our mission is to help luthiers be discovered by bassists.

This way, luthiers don’t have to handle marketing and have more time to do what they do best: craft gorgeous basses!

Luthiers and bass lovers are everywhere in the world, so we ship worldwide.

The Basses are sent from Paris, France or directly from the luthiers (Italia, Switzerland, China, USA, ...).

Because basses are handcrafted, it can take some time to be perfectly crafted, so if you need more information about us or a product, contact us on Messenger or info@bassgears.com. 

May The Bass Be With You!

And don't forget to cherish your loved one, your bass!