If you are here, you know that our goal is to promote your work as luthier directly to the bassists.

We talk with a lot of luthiers and a lot don't have any websites, social accounts or just don't want to handle all this marketing stuff.

All they want to do is build incredible basses and that those basses find their lovely bassist!

If this is your case or need help,  then stay here and keep reading.

How to start a partnership?

First, we need to discover your work, for this you can contact us below or answer this survey and we will contact you.

How the partnership works?

Once we agree to start a partnership with you, we will add your basses to our website, social network and music websites.

For every bass, we need the specifications, photos, possible options and the price. Then we will handle promotions, ads, so bassists can discover your awesome basses.

Also, we want to promote more than your basses.
So, we will probably keep in touch to create articles about your work and to share some of your tips to help bassists take care of their loved ones, their basses!

Since May 2020, we also launched a subscription initiative that will allow you to have regular income. If there are enough subscribers, we will be able to buy you basses every month.

What do we gain?

Like any reseller, we will take a commission about each sale.
The commission will be decided before starting our partnership and its value is up to you.

The more commission we have, the more we can promote your work.

Let's keep in touch

If it seems interesting to you or have any questions, contact us.


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