Why this initiative?

Luthiers are living a very difficult time because of the crisis of the COVID-19.
A French investigation, from the CSFI (a French organisation for instrument maker), reveals that out of 404 respondents, more than half have completely suspended their activity (55.2%) and 37.7% record a fall from 75 to 100% in their turnover.

We launch this initiative to allow luthiers to have a regular income and to be able to live from their passion.

If we don't do anything, we won't have any high quality handmade basses in the future!

So, join the band now to get exclusive discounts by supporting our partner luthiers

How does it work?

By joining the BassGears band, you help us support luthiers by creating a virtuous circle between bass lovers.

  1. Bassists subscribe to have exclusive discounts and have access to exclusive products.
  2. This allows BassGears to order basses from various luthiers every month.
  3. This allows our partner luthiers to have a regular income and therefore to have the cash to create more basses and to test new creative ideas.


Bass Gears - Support Luthier Cycle



All  the funds will go toward luthiers, so they can continue their activity and create basses that will be offered to some lucky subscribers.

The higher the number of subscribers, the more the luthiers can create basses, the more important the discounts will be.

What are the possible subscriptions?

Join the band and support luthiers


1 € or $ /month

discount on all products

access to exclusive products


2 € or $ /month

discount on all products

access to exclusive products


3 € or $ /month

discount on all products

access to exclusive products


4 € or $ /month

discount on all products

access to exclusive products


5 € or $ /month

discount on all products

access to exclusive products

* For instance, 3% of 3000 is 90, so your subscription quickly pays for itself!
Also, prices are in € because of technical issues but all countries can participated and receive the gifts.

How long am I engaged?

You can unsubscribe or subscribe again anytime you want to in your account settings. 

For instance, if you want to support luthier only one month, you can subscribe for the current month then unsubscribe. 


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, we understand! These are very financially uncertain times. You can still support us by...

 FOLLOWING us on Social Media to keep up-to-date with our progress! 

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 SHARING this project via the buttons below.

CONTRIBUTING one time with PayPal: 


let's get the word out and meet our goal!

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If you want to know more, contact us on Messenger or info@bassgears.com.

Thanks for your support and May The Bass Be With You!