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A word from KD

This is quite a conceptual bass which I created under strict criteria, following a certain purpose/aim. I wanted to unite the knowledge and information I’d gained to this point to define, unite and create a Universal bass. Universal for me means a wide range of sounds, blends, playability; a bass on which you can easily play solo, rhythm, slap; one with easy access to the last frets and a comfortable and durable neck. It had to be lightweight and of course – have an impressive and elegant appearance.

Saturn Stabilized Wood 5-String - I built this model under Serial Number #006. It is completely handmade with CNC-free technology. It comes with many features that I intentionally invested in it. Using stabilized wood for the top and fingerboard is one of the main and most crucial investments. This stabilized wood material not only looks incredible, it has additional properties that improve and make the entire bass more durable and stable when exposed to dry or humid environments.

For those interested in stabilized wood benefits and properties: Stabilized Balkan Maple is a special feature that gives stability to the fingerboard. It reduces by 90% the contracting or expanding of the fingerboard when exposed to dry or humid conditions. No more sharp fret edges, no more need for frequent adjustments to the neck truss rod. Sounds exactly like wood and refrets like all other wood. The beauty of the wood is preserved and even enhanced due to the stabilization process.
Another important feature is the Chambered body. The use of quality and specific hard woods adds weight to the bass. The only way to relieve this issue is by chambering.
Of course, the 25-year-seasoned Bulgarian Elm combined with the 13-year-seasoned Balkan Maple bring significant sound quality value on the bass.


Technical specification:

Body: 25-Years-seasoned Bulgarian Elm wood plus unique multicolor stabilized Maple burl top. Walnut veneer lamination in between the top and the body.
Chambered body.
Neck: CONE CORE neck construction. 3-pieces 13- years- seasoned Bulgarian (Balkan) Maple plus two stripes Purple Heart reinforcement. Red stained Maple veneer between the fingerboard and the neck. 

  • Matching headstock- Stabilized wood plate
  • 34" (863.6mm) scale
  • Side position marks – Specially made Hornbeam center wood, integrated in thing Ebony ring.
  • 16" (406.4mm) fingerboard radius
  • 20mm (0.787") thickness at 1-st fret
  • 22mm (0.866") thickness at 12-th fret
  • 45mm (1.771") nut width
  • 24 medium Jumbo Stainless Steel frets
  • The nut is made of Indian Water Bull horn
  • Saturn planet Inlay on the 12-th fret. The inlay is made of Stabilized wood and Ebony. This is not a sticker, nor a decal! 

Fingerboard: Blue stabilized Bulgarian Maple.
Construction: Bolt-on
Tuners: KD
Bridge: ABM MKII, 17mm (0.669") spacing. The spacing of the bridge is variable – from 16,3mm to 17,5mm.
Pickups: Haeussel BassBar set – Neck + Bridge
Finish: High gloss Polyester
Strap pins: Schaller S-locks
Hardware color: Chrome
Electronics, controls:

  1. VOLUME Push/Pull, Active/Passive
  2. BLEND
  3. BASS 
  4. MID (250Hz down, pull up for 800Hz)

Onboard preamp: Noll TCM 3, 9V
Weight: 4,200kg (9.2lbs)

Stainless steel electronic box cover plate.

Copper shielding protects the entire electronic box and pickups.


The bass comes with:

- Canto Premium gig bag;
- Certificate Of Authenticity;
- Set of two KD cleaning towels;

We pay very special attention to how we pack our instruments for shipping. We use a 5-layer cardboard box. The instrument is wrapped with stretch foil (all around the gig bag or the hard case), plus Air foil on top. We insulate the entire interior of the cardboard box with 1.181 inches of thick foam (30 mm) – on all sides. The safest possible combination of packaging materials!

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