When learning a new instrument like a bass guitar, you need to find songs to play according to your level.

On Youtube, you can find a lot of videos to help you improve and discover your instrument.

For this, bass covers are a great way to see other bassists playing and to learn how to play a specific song.

Here some of the channels we love here at BassGears:

Cover Solutions

One of the most famous cover channel on Youtube with tabs.

You can learn bass, guitar and drum.



Again a great channel with tabs displayed directly in the video.
You can also download tabs in the PDF format to learn wherever you are.


Great bass covers here without tabs but you can still learn by watching her hands.


Florian Basso

A channel from... me :), the founder of BassGears.

I tried to post a lof of new songs every week with tabs.

The songs are mainly rock, punk but I'm open to songs suggestions and critics as long as it helps me improve my bass skills.



We hope those channels will help you in your adventure to become a great bassist.

We advise you to play as much as possible because the best way to learn is by playing!

Try to get into the habit of playing everyday, every week or every month and keep up.


Let us know if this post help you in any way.
May The Bass Be With You!



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