As you know at BassGears, our goal is to promote the work of the best luthiers in the world.

Today, we highlight the work of Biarnel Liuteria with an interview!


Since which year do you create bass guitar?



What do you like about your work as luthier?

I like to have the chance to improve the musician's experience and satisfaction while playing, by experimenting new solutions in ergonomics and electronics.


How long does it take to craft a bass?

More or less four weeks. But the orders queue is usually very busy, so a 8 months waiting time is quite normal.


What makes your basses unique?

Lightness: tonal chambers make all my instruments extremely light, even using premium hardwoods.

Ergonomics: every design starts from the ease of playability. I'll never make a neck diving bass, or something that destroys your shoulder.

Handwound pickups: they sound great, and the Low Impedance LowZ pickups are more and more popular.


What feedback do you have the most from your customers?

They love the looks, the lightness, and sound engineers love the pickups when they record in a studio or play live.


Do customers buy more than once?



Which bass models do you sell more and why?

Biarnel Scorcio is a HUGE best seller, because nice and cool headless basses are a rarity. Also, Prassi NeroNeroNero is a frontend product that most people love.

Learn more about Scorcio model


Learn more about Prassi NeroNeroNero



Thanks to Biarnel's luthier for his time answering those questions and for crafting some amazing basses from Italia!

Dear bassists, we hope you liked this interview and that it helps you discover new handcrafted basses.

If you would like to discover all Biarnel models, here it is!


Tell us in the comments which model you prefer and May The Bass Be With You!



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    ewetahuriv – Imquhive Ipocox

    ewetahuriv – Imquhive Ipocox

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