Discovering Dtc - Custom Bass Guitar luthier from China

Today, we highlight the work of the luthier Dtc who create unique and custom bass guitars.


Dtc Custom Bass Luthier - BassGears


Since which year do you create bass guitar?

I craft bass guitars since 2012.


What do you like about your work as luthier?

I like the fact that my basses are recognised by others and that it will help bassists play great music. 


How long does it take to craft a bass?

More or less 3 to 4 months.


What feedback do you have the most from your customers?

They love the craftsmanship and the powerful strong low B.


Do customers buy more than once?



Which bass models do you sell more and why?

The Artist series with single cut have a better feel, lighter weight and a strong low B.

Bassists prefer them!




Thanks to Dtc's luthier for his time answering those questions and for crafting gorgeous custom basses from China!

Dear bassists, we hope you liked this interview and that it helps you discover new handcrafted basses.

If you would like to discover all Dtc models, here it is!


Tell us in the comments which model you prefer and May The Bass Be With You!



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